CTFO - the history to date:


8/15/2023 -  Busy living the CTFO history - behind on writing about it!  CTFO has produced concerts 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022. We did concerts outdoors at Gillette Castle State Park during Covid.  Now in 2023 we are about to perform our 2nd post-covid concert at SCSU.

8/10/2022 -  History to be updated soon. Currently working on our 1st post covid concert Sept. 17, 2022. The past 2 seasons we performed outdoors on the Gillette Castle State Park grounds....bugs, masks, wind and all! Happy to be back in a hall for 2022 - with precautions.

2016 - Helene Rosenblatt works on the idea of a flute orchestra of professional level musicians working together to produce music at the highest level possible with minimal rehearsal and professional direction.

2016 - over the summer HR pitches the idea to some local flutists - Peter Standaart, Erin Vivero, Aleksandra Miglowiec, Sarah B. Stockton, Mary Sand

2016 - August - first "Founders" meeting Helene, Peter, Mary, Sarah in attendance. Basic ideas elaborated and agreed upon, name proposed and decided upon.

2016 - September, October, November, December, January, February, March, April, May, June, July - work proceeds on recruitment of players, repertoire decisions, website creation, Facebook presence, GoFundMe fundraising, recruitment of conductor. Meet and Greets held to speak with potential performers and raise awareness. Kathie Sumrow, Elaine Thoma assist with legal and reach out tasks, various musicians Helene Rosenblatt has worked with are contacted to recommend flutists from their areas in Connecticut. Blackledgemusic,Inc. agrees to accept Connecticut Flute Orchestra as a Consortium member so it will act as fiscal agent under its 501C Corporation.

2016 July - September - Work in earnest begins on raising funds, confirming location for the concert, confirming conductor, programs, fund raising. The date is set September 17, 2017. 20

2017 October, November, December, 2018 January, February Work on the second CTFO Concert.

2018 March - "Mostly Connecticut" focus of the concert is established. Joseph Russo is engaged to compose a "signature work" for CTFO. A "Young Composers Challenge is issued to a student with Connecticut ties to compose a work, which might be performed if it is approved. Maffee Financial Group - Travis & Katie Ramsdell again purchase advertising as does Powell Flutes which helps position CTFO for its Second Season - as work proceeds in April, May, June, July - Sam Ash Corporation comes on board with a full page ad in our program. You Here Productions headed by Monica Fitzgerald's husband William volunteers to video tape our Season Two Concert.

August -September - CTFO dates for rehearsal set, conductor will again be Nadya Potemkina who graciously lends support and helping hand to get performance and rehearsal space. Peter Standaart's health has been declining and he notifies Helene that he can no longer play, members are notified and many people begin making sure to touch base with Peter and the folks caring for him. Helene arranges for the dress rehearsal at Atria Greenridge Place in Rocky Hill, CT a win-win, as there was a conflict for space at WU. This worked out very well and CTFO plans to do it again in the future.

September 9,13,15 CTFO Rehearses for its 2nd Performance. Premier will include Joseph Russo's "American Robin and Mountain Laurel", and Cheshire Academy Senior Xueqing (Grace) Sun's " A Leaf's Journey" also on the Program works by Adrianne Greenbaum, Thomas Duffy, and Neely Bruce.


2018 September 16, 2018 CTFO meets for a sound check at 12:30 we break before the concert and learn that Peter Standaart has passed at Middletown Hospital Hospice around 1 PM. At 2 PM CTFO begins its concert dedicated to Peter Standaart.

2018 October, November, December - Planning proceeding for CTFO 2019 Concert - Look for announcements with a probable date at the beginning of September.